iPhone 4S Waterproof soft Transparent Case PhoneDome 1Set

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Mobile Waterproof Skin : Phone Dome

-PERFECT Protection from water !!!
-Possible to use all functions of your cell phone in this skin
-Enjoy your cell phone in water
-100% protection from harmful things






*About item*

It is not a think cover, but thin and comfortable to use
Skiing, swimming, biking… No worry for raining or water
100% protection from harmful things
Calling, Internet, Game, Taking pictures.. ALL Functions Possible

This item is watertight pack.
Waterproof speakers are mounted pack and call volume is slightly smaller.
When you attach waterproof pack, earphone and charging connection is impossible.
Remove waterproof packs and charging and earphone connection is possible.




*How to use*

1.Put it on the top corners first
2.Insert it on other corners
3.Close the open part by sealing tape



Special sealing tape by Brand “3M”

Its special sealing tape enhances water proof protection
Also, it is possible to stick on and off several times (2-4 times recommended)
BUT, BE CAREFUL any scratches on skin cover and sealing tape

Waterproof Pack 1set : 3M Tape 2P
Waterproof Pack 1set : 3M Tape 3P

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